E.Y.E. Control: Lid Lifting & Dark Circle Serum, 2.19 Ounces


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Lift sagging eye lids and lighten dark circles under your eyes, with this amazing product.

  • Eye Control is the first cosmetic Serum that LIFTS, TIGHTENS, and FIRMS Droop Eyelids. It was discovered that certain rare plant extracts had an amazing effect on droopy eyelids. These extracts when used daily, firm, lift and tighten the upper eyelids.
  • Eye Control also reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. The gentle plant extracts de-stress and help relax the areas around the eyes, reducing the deep crow’s feet and fine lines.
  • Eye Control reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffy eye bags. By thickening and rejuvenating the delicate skin under the eyes, the appearance of dark circles disappears and the soothing herbs reduce puffiness.
  • Eye Control was invented by World famous Sederma Laboratory in Paris France. Now available in the US E.Y.E Control offers a new option for droopy upper eyelids.
Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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